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  •   This is one of the best cheap eats the entire City of New York has to offer. One can have a satisfying lunch on the cheap for $5, if knowing what to order.

    The food has a homemade taste, even though you're eating out. I've been coming here for about 15 years and the consistency has remained the same, even the lady with the hat who works behind the counter during the day, has not aged at all. Weird, but welcoming.

    I've tried other Pakistani/Indian restaurants and the food along with prices simply do not stack up. If you've eaten at other places and were dissuaded, try Nasheman before potentially writing off Pakistani/Indian cuisine.

    My personal favorite offerings are THEIR Chicken Seekh Kabobs (1$ each), Vegetable Samosas (1$ each), Naan (1$ each) Chicken Tikka ($6) Samosa Chaat ($5.99), Fish ($7?) Goat Biryani (Fridays only), Chalapi Kabobs ($2) and Ras Malai.

    The potato inside the Vegetable Samosas is dominate and very satisfying, slight hints of mashed chick pea as well and the variety of usual spices used in samosas. Potato being dominate is probably why I like THEIR samosas so much.  Samosa Chaat have the same delicious vegetable samosas that have a sweet & tangy taste.  The Chicken Seekh Kabobs are flavorful and succulent, add the complementary chutney with a piece of naan and you're sitting right . The fish is boneless, lightly fried and adorned in sesame seeds, I'm not 100% sure on what type of fish is used, I'm certain its a freshwater fish, perhaps Swai? Ras Malai is always fresh and way to tone down the spice after finishing a meal. One Naan, 2 chicken seekh kabaobs and 2 samosas is plenty for a meal and comes in at $5, its increasingly difficult to eat a lunch/dinner for that price nowadays. If on the go, they are willing to make a wrap by using a piece of naan, throwing in any amount of kebobs desired and adding a little bit of carrot, lettuce, onion and green yogurt chutney.

    The dessert section is very comprehensive and colorful, I'm not 100% if they are made in house. Gulab Jamun, Pateesa, Baklava, Jalebi and plenty of others (see pics) I do not know the names of.

    I reserve my 5 star rating for superb food and a fine dinning experience. For an establishment of this type, a four star rating is exceptional. I would advise people not to get the free water in the pitcher and opt for a bottle of water instead or another beverage. An item would not likely get again Kashmiri Tea, it was watered down. What can be a hit or miss is the grilled chicken leg & breast. Most of the time, they are cooked to perfection, over the years, once in a blue moon there is a chicken leg or breast that could have stayed on the grill longer.  Ordering here is easy, just be a bit assertive if there are other people coming and going as it can get quite busy.

    Very causal, no frills place with plenty of seating. ARY ( A Pakistani news channel) is 95% of the time being live streamed. The other 5% of time is cricket game. Cash is preferred but they do accept credit cards. I used uber eats a few times for this joint. The packaging is the most comprehensive I have seen and I am beyond impressed. Paper plates were included, plenty of napkins, food containers secured, utensils and even plastic cups although I did not order a drink, very great standards in this regard.

    Overall, this is THE spot for delectable cheap eats in south Brooklyn and tops my personal list of best cheap eats in all of New York.

    thumb Daniel I.

      Finally a have found a nice clean eatery that serves Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi food. Many years ago when I lived in NY I used to come here and developed the taste for Indian food. Glad to see that they are still going strong. The place is busy, clean and has great variety on the menu. Employees are low key and friendly, looks like it's a. Family operated business. Food is fresh and  delicious, I loved dhal, naan, fresh tandoori chicken just to make a few... we finished our lavish lunch with delicious chai and fresh sweets. Thumbs up!

    thumb Lena I.
  •   boyfriend introduced me to this place. i give it one extra star for being open 24 hours. but the main reason why i love this place is not for the food but they have the best baklava i've ever had in life. it's so sweet and just perfection. ugh we're obsessed.

    the food itself is okay. honestly very good actually in my opinion.

    but a few cons is that nothing seems to be made fresh (except for like garlic naan) i always see them throw rice, food and regular naan in the microwave. for eating there and take out... like shouldn't things be made fresh? customer service is non existent.

    but honestly food is solid and i legit would go there just for the baklava

    thumb Alison W.

      If it is possible I would prefer not to give any stars or negative stars. Guys if u are planning to go to this restaurant plz plz don't go. I would rather order Chinese or pizza than any food from here. They sale stale food. They use same oil to fry samosa m pakoda over n over again. They use color in their food which is chemical and very unhygienic. And all the sweets n desserts they have from over six months. They are not fresh. Once I got gelebi and pakoda from there n after I ate that I got food poisoning and got sick for two days. This restaurant is insane. Employees working there are dumb and rude.

    thumb Junky R.
  •   The one plus point it's 24 hr resturant. Naan, kabab are mostly fresh if you order over the phone and let them know you want fresh food. I have never tried tried their sweets but they have a lot of variety.

    thumb Julia F.

      Excellent food, good people work there. Buffet style. Great price. Lamb curry is to die for. Wonderful

    thumb Sofia B.
  •   Have known about this restaurant for a little over 5 years and have ~exclusively~ come for the desserts.

    Tonight was a bit different as I wasn't in the mood to cook but also didnt want to spend too much money. Nasheman was the perfect solution!

    I ordered the chicken leg (from the meat appetizer) along with garlic naan and an almond crispy donut (you can't leave here without some type of dessert). I got my order to go and the smell of the garlic naan was surely the reason I was walking home a bit faster! The chicken leg was sooo delicious, it had nice spices almost like a dry curry rub and was super juicy. Some parts were blackened but I personally really like that. The donut was a bit harder than I expected and I dont think I'll be trying it again. My order total was $8. What a steal!

    thumb Anna Z.

      Waste of time and money. Ordered via Uber Eats, supposedly the entire process would have taken 25-35 minutes, it wound up taking an hour and a half. The chicken korma was a step up from being completely bland. The chicken tikka masala didn't taste like much. The garlic naan was barely warm and gummy. The order of chicken tikka felt like it had just come out of a refrigerator. The baklava never made it. The samosa was also cold and didn't taste like anything, it also said that there were two pieces per order but I only received one. Neither protein came with rice. I called the restaurant to explain the baklava was missing and I would have liked a refund, after some time explaining myself over and over again, the gentlemen gave up and said to call back in 30-40 minutes because he was having an issue understanding/speaking English and there happened to be no one else working in the restaurant? To say I'm disappointed would be an understatement.

    thumb Joe G.
  •   If there was ever a restaurant that fit the profile of a hidden neighborhood gem, Nasheman is it!

    My wife and I were craving Indian food on a Friday evening at around 8pm and were hoping not to have to travel too far to get it. Not ever having seen an Indian restaurant in Sheepshead Bay we decided to go onto our trusty Yelp and, lo and behold, Nasheman popped right up.

    We walked into the relatively small restaurant and the aroma of Indian/Pakistani food filled our nostrils immediately. The menu was splashed on the back wall behind the food counter, but that kind of went out the window as we ordered whatever we thought looked appetizing, which was everything. After some careful deliberation, my wife and I ordered 2 combos (goat curry over rice and chicken curry over rice), 2 appetizers (Aloo Baingan aka Potatoes and Eggplant) and Paneer), naan and 2 ohhh so good Mango Lassi.

    The great thing about the restaurant is that, even though it's small and most of its business comes from take-out, they still provide quick and simple table service. We took a seat at one of the tables inside and the gentleman behind the counter brought our food out one by one. He was friendly throughout and very accommodating. Although he was very busy and wasn't always there when we needed him, whenever we needed something he brought to us as requested.

    As for the food ... 1 word ... superb! Both curry dishes over rice were a very good portion and delicious. They had a small kick to them, but nothing that will overwhelm your tastebuds to the point you faint. The meat portioning was very fair as there was plenty scattered around. For the appetizers, the Aloo Baingan was very tasty and my wife's favorite out of all the dishes. For me, I loved the paneer. It was a bit more processed than normal as the spinach was diced more, but it had a pretty big heat kick to it, which we weren't used to for paneer. Either way, I love spicy food, so it was perfect for me. The naan was pretty typical as it was a huge piece and buttered up very well.

    With all of that praise showered on their food, the one thing that we really loved was the Mango Lassi! Definitely, one of the better Mango Lassis we had in a very long time. It wasn't too thick, but wasn't watery either. The texture, flavoring was excellent and it was really well made. Out of all the items that is must-get, this is the one!

    I hate to say it, but this is a hidden gem that I don't want anyone to know about because I selfishly want this spot to ourselves! Sorry world. However, we know good food when we taste it and we just couldn't believe it took us this long to discover Nasheman. Just when we thought there weren't any, let alone any good Indian/Pakistani restaurants in Sheepshead Bay, Nasheman is what NYC is all about and what I love about her --- the diversity, variety and, best of all, the great quality of food found everywhere and anywhere.

    thumb Chris E.

      Great flavor. Some food was not as I expected or an used to since I think it's not only Indian who h makes it not topical Indian. Nam bread can use a makeover as i found it a little tol dry. However, the flavor makes up for anything else. Got the  chicken tiki masala. Nice spice and a decent portion. Only negative is that they only deliver through uber eats which would charge an additional $15. You need to pick up or be ok with paying that money for uber eats. You have to have an open mind and be ok with getting food that you may not be used to since, as I said before, is Indian with a Packistani mix instead of just traditional Indian food.

    thumb Jonathan V.
  •   Just incredible. The chickpeas are just beyond great. Spinach is amazing. The rest is mostly meat, though, which is not for me to judge.

    thumb Ilya B.

      nice sweets, courteous staff always prepared and attentive, chicken curry my favorite

    thumb Angie W.
  •   Delicious and very affordable. Was in the area and wanted a quick bite, great selection of tasty food. Served two people with plenty left over for $20!

    thumb Courtney C.

      Hot, hot, hot! I found out today how hot Pakistani food truly is. My colleagues ask me if I was hungry. I was but they wanted something that reminded them of home, well they are from Canada, but they are Indian so they wanted Indian food. I found this place and I was embarrassed because this wasn't what they were talking about, but they still wanted to try. We walked in and the place wasn't what I pictured. It was a deli not a restaurant, however they still had service at the table. They gentlemen, who was wonderful by the way, told us the menu changes daily. He also asked us to walk up to the counter to order which we did. When I walked up the lady behind the counter knew what I was about. I know this because she warned me "It's hot!" I asked "is there anything mild?" She said "compared to other places we are mild." I let peer pressure get the better of me and picked out some items. I went light just in case because I knew I was eating it. When my food came out and it was go time I dug in. I regretted it at the same time I loved it. If this was mild to them I'm never eating at another spot again. This food was fire hot! I almost passed out from heat exhaustion. I didn't want to look ungrateful because I wasn't paying so I ate it. Don't get me wrong it was delicious, I just can't believe people eat this all the time. I would eat here again, just in smaller amounts. It's nice to try new things, just make sure you ask how hot the food is before you eat.

    thumb Evan C.
  •   Authenticity is the strength of this restaurant!

    If you are visiting Coney Island and wish to have original Pakistani and some other Southwest Asian food, this place is worth your tastebuds. I have lived in Pakistan and was pleasantly surprised to find some of the dishes exactly as they were made and presented back in "des" / home.

    Restarant is relatively new. They are organized and clean. Attentive counter server. I liked the "daal maash" and "aloo parata" dishes, but former was a bit greasy for my taste.

    Give it a go. Try "aloo parata" (potato flatbread) and don't forget to pick some sweets!

    thumb Javed R.

      The food is excellent. The owner was there today such a nice person. Thank you for. Taking extra care to wrap the food and putting it in a double bag wish you success

    thumb Shami D.
  •   Would give less than 1 star but as we know Yelp doesn't allow that.

    Ordered chicken korma and chicken tikka masala through Uber eats. Received my food. Well, a wrong order definitely. This actually might be chicken tikka masala... (not sure...) kind of looks/tastes like it. When it comes to korma, it's definitely not korma... perhaps chicken curry?...

    Both orders are super duper greasy. We took off thick layers of grease from the top of the meals. Also, we received a one salad but no rice at all... not sure why... but yeah.. never again.

    thumb Natalia P.

      I live in the neighborhood and must have passed by this place a dozen times until I recently tried it based on a friends recommendation. I must say I was blown away! Fresh flavorful food at reasonable prices.

    I love their clove spiced rice and daal chana (curried chickpeas). My absolute favorite is their chicken makhani, chock full of fresh sliced ginger. They also have a great selection for vegetarians and really everything I have tried so far has been excellent. My husband raves about their samosas and says they taste homemade. They bake their naan in house and it's heavenly.

    Only reason I'm taking off a star is service is hit or miss. I usually stop by and take my food to go and there is one grumpy lady who's always stingy when doling out my meat. Every single time I've had to tell her to put more meat than sauce in my container.

    thumb Monica S.
  •   Very good food and selection at this restaurant. The prices are affordable and the staff is very friendly. I love getting takeout from this place!

    thumb Justice S.

      Been here a few times.

    Very good food.  Great flavor and spice in veg dishes which is what I go for.  Plus the veggies that are available change so you never know what you're going to get and I like that.

    Fresh naan, light and delish!  They serve a green salad with rice and veggies which is great too.  Its a nice touch.

    You can tell a lot about food quality in how you feel the next day and this place just feels healthy in my body.  Spice without pain on the toilet, how do they do it? Two thumbs up

    Friendly people and good value

    PIA to park the car with millions of aggressive Russians everywhere but you can find a spot.

    thumb Andrew D.